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Testosterone Enanthate UK Pharmacy 10ml


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Genuine Testosterone Enanthate UK Pharmacy 10ml  by Magnus Pharmaceuticals. This is pharmacy grade Test Enan in 10ml vial. The most known and best selling long-ester testosterone. It can be taken every 5-7 days. No every day injections. This is one of the best and most pure Testosterone Hormone drugs available in United Kingdom. We offer credit card, debit card and PayPal payments.

What is Testosterone Enanthate UK Pharmacy ?

  • Drug name : Testosterone Enanthate
  • Brand Name : Test E
  • Manufacturer : Magnus Pharma
  • Capacity :  10ml x 250mg/ml
  • Type : Injectable steroids
  • Purpose : mass and strength gains
  • Water retention: medium-high
  • Cycle : 1ml every 5-7 days


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