Genuine Anavar UK - 10mg (Anavar UK Supplier) USA Shipping

Genuine Anavar UK – 10mg (Anavar UK Supplier) USA Shipping


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Genuine Anavar UK 10mg tablets. Anavar UK Supplier with USA Shipping. We offer PayPal, debit card, credit card payment when purchasing Oxandrolone steroid in UK. This real and best quality Anavar UK steroid. This is called the most safe steroid without side effects. It is so mild on androgenic side so it is used by women to grow muscles.

Genuine Anavar UK from Anavar UK Supplier

  • Drug name : Oxandrolone
  • Brand Name : Oxandrolone 10mg
  • Amount : 100 x 10mg tablets
  • Manufacturer : Magnus Pharmaceuticals
  • Form : oral 10mg tablets
  • Bulking : yes/no (not as strong as Dianabol)
  • Cutting : yes
  • Side effects : as little as none if not overdosed
  • Cycle men : 50-70mg each day
  • Women : 20-30mg each day


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