Anavar 50 UK - 50mg Oxandrolone

Anavar 50 UK – 50mg Oxandrolone


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Anavar 50 UK is a brand name for anabolic Рandrogenic steroid named Oxandrolone. Oxandrolone  is mild oral steroid and has almost none side effects which makes it the best and safe oral steroid to use by men and women. Sis Labs Anavar 50 UK contain 60 x 50mg anavar steroid tablets.

How to use Anavar 50 UK steroid ?

Anavar 50 UK - 50mg OxandroloneThis product is in tablet form. Anavar 50 UK by SisLabs contain 60 tablets and should be taken in dosage of 50-100mg a day by men and 30-50mg by women. Best way to take Anavar 50mg is to do it with the meals. Taking Oxandrolone steroid in spitted doses gives best results because body get it for all day, not just several hours.

Do not overdose A-var (other name for Anavar tablets) as it won’t give extra mass or strength. Your Body cells have limited number of steroid receptors. When they are used by steroid, rest is destroyed in liver and removed with urine. Because Anavar is genuine male hormone it can be also taken by women.

It is important not to overdose Oxandrolone or any other anabolic steroid because that can lead to side effects or death.


Anavar 50 UK for Women

Anavar 50 UK (Oxandrolone) is male hormone but it can be used by women with almost no side effects because to his low strength. A-var was made weak oral steroid because market needed something with none-side effects. Women can use Anavar 50 but with doses in max of 50mg. This product can met requirements for ladies as each tablet contain exactly 50mg of active Oxandrolone hormone.


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